Dancing School

Bobby Wilderman started dancing school as a youngster.   I don’t know if his sister took dancing lessons and he was hooked as a result of watching her but he pursued dancing for many years.  We found two newspaper clippings in that box of photographs, unfortunately neither are dated, but it is a treat to see talented young children. Do you know any of the children in these articles?   These photos and articles are probably dated around 1930.


Dot Arata, Doris Bussing, Mable Morland, Trudy Bireman, Elaine Brood, Dot Avallon, Rhoda Gruder, Joseph Ruggiero, Robert Wildman (Wilderman), Sammy Rosenbar, Dotty Smith, Gertrude Baceter, Paula Ruggiero, Nellie DeCela, Ruth Parkin, Rita Shapiro, Joseph Markson, Marian Harris, Francis Boyan, May Doyle, Lloyd Lavon, Marie Mattioli 


Sybil Roth, Mildren Wecker, Frances Blose, The Homer Twins, Betty Cardoza, Robert Wilderman, Rhoda Gruden, Sybil Elaine Krinney

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