Who is Rebecca Rickman?

Some think Rebecca Rickman is the wife of Edward Kirksey.  I don’t know what to think about this.

Thomas Rickman wrote his will in 1761 and it is probated in Halifax Co., Virginia.  Per his will, “I give to my Sons Gideon, Christopher and Isaac and my Daughters Sarah and Rebickah one shilling Sterling and Item I give to my son John Rickman one Shilling Sterling Item I lend to my Son Robert Rickman the land… then I give it to my grandson Robert Rickman.  Item… my Estate may be sold and Equally divided between my Son Robert Rickman’s children and my Daughter Mary Hudson’s children.”  (Halifax County, Virignia, Will Book O, page 106)

Note, the first children listed do not have a last name; all others in the will have a last name.

John Rickman moved at some point to North Carolina and on 15 August 1793 he made a statement that is recorded in Chatham Co., NC, that he did not receive any of the estate of Rebecca Rickman.  (CHATHAM COUNTY RECORDS OF ESTATES 1782-1799, 2 VOL. Microfilm # 022.50001 NC State Archives Film, pg. 137b)

Then in 1800 in Chatham Co., NC, there is a Power of Attorney recorded by the  legatees of Rebecca Rickmond alias Kirksey.    (Chatham County, North Carolina, Record of Wills, Book A, 1780-1818 and appears on the lower half of page 21)powerofattorneykirksey-rickmanChatham County, Gideon Kirksey legatee of Rebeccah Rickman, Alias Kirksey, Edward, John, Sarah and Isaac Kirksey heirs of Isaac Kirksey (decd) and wife Mary and John Griffin, Poel Brazeal and his wife Rebeccah, Michael Blocker and his wife Rosey, Kanon Brazeal an Heakey his wife, heirs of William Griffin and his wife Sarah (decd) do nominate and appoint our trusty friend Christopher Kirksey our lawful attorney to act for us in every respect in an about serving for collecting and recovering any of our parts or claims that we have against the estate of said Rebeccah Rickman, alias Kirksey (decd)…… (proved Feby Term 1800 by Wm. Kirksey)

Was Rebecca a Kirksey who married a Rickman? Are these legatees the children mentioned in Thomas Rickman’s will?   If they are the same, why did Thomas not mention their last name as he did when he named the other legatees? Why does John Rickman state that he has not received anything from the estate of Rebecca Rickman?  Does this power of attorney recorded in 1800 have anything to do with the will of Thomas Rickman recorded in 1761?


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