Thomas Rickman d. 1761

There are some early records which mention a Thomas Rickman but I will start in Henrico Co., Va. as I am not sure if the earlier records pertain to the same Thomas Rickman.   Thos Richman Pd by Inspector’s note (1736) in Henrico Co. a levy (Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. 21 Henrico County-Southside 1736 by Beverley Fleet page 26)

According to Cavaliers and Pioneers, Patent Book No. 18, p. 166, Thomas Rickman received 400 acs. Henrico Co.  The property crossed several branches of Deep Creek (adj. Jeffery Robertson, sd Rickman, and Thomas Bass) Dated 20 Jul 1738.  This seems to be part of the property he later sold.

Chesterfield Co was formed from Henrico Co. in 1749, therefore, Thomas didn’t move, the county line did.

Thomas and Robert appear on a list of tithables in Chesterfield Co., Va. in 1752 (and John Rickman is on a list in 1756).

In 1753 Thomas sold only 150 acres of the property to Robert Rickman.  It was the portion of the property where Robert lived.  The deed says Thomas was from Halifax Co., Va.    (Chesterfield County, Va, Deed Book 2, page 29)  A year later Robert and Elizabeth his wife sold the property. (Chesterfield County, Va, Deed Book 3, page 42)  There are later deeds that describe property adjacent to that of Thomas Rickman.

“On the motion of Thomas Rickman and for reasons appearing to the court he is exempted from the payment of Public and County levys for the future. ”
(Halifax Co., VA P-2-365 part 2 – May Court 1759)  Just how old was Thomas in 1759 or was he infirmed?

Thomas Rickman’s will was dated 12 March 1761 and presented in court 19 March 1761. Book 0-106 in Halifax Co., VA.    In the will he names sons Gideon, Christopher and Isaac and daughters Sarah and Rebickah (no last name given), son John Rickman, son Robert Rickman, grandson Robert Rickman and daughter Mary Hudson.   You can find a copy of his will here. 

What happened to the remaining portion of Thomas Rickman’s property in Henrico/Chesterfield Counties?   Was it abandoned?   Were his sons and daughters without a last name listed in the will natural born children or adopted children or grandchildren? How and where did the Rickman family connect with the Kirksey family?   When Edward Kirksey applied for land in 1751 in NC. the Rickmans were still in Virginia when Thomas wrote his will.



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