Gideon’s Family

We know a little about Gideon’s children. They are mentioned in his will dated 3 May 1801 probated 11 Aug 1801 (WB A page 65).  His wife was Mary, his sons were Abraham, William, Gideon, and Isaac and William Poe Steward and Daughters Sarah Owen, Mary Moseley, and Martha Henry.    Gideon’s Will part 1            and Gideon’s Will part 2

Gideon’s children it seems were older than the children of Christopher and Isaac. 

Abraham may not have been the oldest child, however, according to his father’s will he was to inherit property willed to his mother after her death.  If he was born in 1780 he would have been about 20 years old at the time of his father’s death.  He disappears from Chatham County.  His name does not appear in the Chatham County deed index. An Abraham married Charlotte Burnett and eventually moved to Calloway Kentucky.  She had a brother named Daniel. In 1820 there is an Abraham Kirksey in Robertson County, TN. Burnett was a name associated with the Kirksey family in Chatham County.  His known son was Eaton Franklin Kirksey, however, he may have had two sons and two daughters.  According to one source he was a cooper.  He died from cancer of the breast in 1854.  (Marshall County KY death record)  Unfortunately, he does not appear in the 1850 census.

Not much is known about William but in August 1785 it was Ordered that Wm. Kirksey be dismissed from his confinement.   What was his confinement about?  There are a number of deeds for William in Chatham County, the first being a grant from the State of North Carolina in 1794.   He was the administrator of Isaac’s estate in 1806.  

Isaac died prior to 11 November 1806 (Chatham County probate records, FamilySearch).  Although he did not leave a will there is a probate record which provides minimal information.  William was the administrator of his estate.   There is no accounting of his estate or other information except for what William still had control.   On the 1790 census, Isaac was the head of household with three females. 

Not much is known about Gideon’s daughters.  Sarah was married to Olive Owen, Mary married a Moseley whose name is not known to me, and Martha married a Henry.   His name may have been William.   

Who was William Poe Steward?   There are four Poe families on the 1790 census; there is no Stewart/Steward family listed.  

Gideon had a son Gideon (Gideon #2).   He moved to Hickman County, Tennessee.  He returned to Chatham on a number of occasions.  He died in Hickman County intestate, however, his property was divided among his wife and children.

How was James Kirksey on the 1790 census related to Gideon?  There were two males under 16 and a female in his household.




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