Gideon II – NC & TN

After his father’s death, Gideon Jr. appears in the Chatham County, NC, grantee index, however, the deed is dated the thirtieth day of August on thousand seven hundred and ninety nine between William Kirksey  on the one part and Gideon Kirksey Junr of the other part but recorded in 1801. (DB L pages 228 and 229).   This deed was for a 66 1/2 acre parcel of land.

Recorded at that time was a deed from Gideon Senior to Gideon Junior of Moor County, NC. The deed is dated 6th of December 1793. (DB L page 229). Then on the 16th day of July 1803 there is a deed between Abraham Brown and Gideon Kirksey both of Chatham Co, NC. (DB N pages 147 and 148).

In a deed dated 12 Jan 1786 between Gideon Kersey [sic]of Chatham County and William Edwards a parcel granted to Gideon Kerksey and witnessed by William Kerksey. (DB O pages 302 and 303)

The next entry for Gideon Kirksey is the 30th June 1826 between Mary Kirksey, William Kirksey, John C. Kirksey, Jesse B. Kirksey, Gideon Kirksey of the County of Hickman, TN Isaac Kirksey, Abram Kirksey, Young Kirksey of the state of Alabama, Madison County, by their attorney in fact Alexander Kirksey and the said Alexander Kirksey of the State of Alabama and County of Madison of the one part and Thomas Farrar of the County of Chatham (DB AC-1 pages 118, 119, 120).

Kirksey Deed heirs of Gideon

Gideon’s wife is Mary who is said to be a Carmichael.   A record documenting Mary’s surname is still being sought.    It is interesting to note where the children of Gideon Jr. settled.   Their descendants are numerous.




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