Hugh Barnett

I don’t know too much about this ancestor.   He’s a new leaf on my tree.    He was married to Elizabeth at the time of his death.  From DAR records, during the Revolutionary War he provided services and was an overseer of the road.  Hugh Barnett provided for his wife who was living at the time of his passing.  His son in law Michael Dickson is named in the will.  He was married to Margaret.  Margaret and Michael  are my ancestors.  He had a son Thomas, John, Hugh (who was married to Margurete McFarland on 26 Jan 1784 in Caswell County, NC ) and Curry.   He had grandsons Hugh Barnett, John Barnett Dickson.  He had three younger children named James, Elizabeth and Mary.   (Does this statement that they are younger children imply that Hugh was married twice?)   He mentions daughters Rebekah Dewest.  She was obviously older and married.

What I found most interesting in his will which was signed 1 September 1796 are the four books he bequeathed to his sons:  his Big Bible (I wonder where it is now and what genealogical gems it might include?), The New Testament, Blairs Sermon Book, Bostons Forefold Stakes (Fourfold State).   The will is difficult to read and the spelling leaves a lot to be desired.

10/16/18:  I found an indenture for Hugh Barnett for what looks like the twenty seventh day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & fifty four. Hugh Barnett of the County of Orange & Province of North Carolina a parcel near Mayo Creek, paying a yearly rent of eight shillings … for every one hundred acres on or upon the two most usual feasts or Days of Payment in the Year, that is to say the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Feast of St. Michael the Arch Angel .  This deed is three pages long.   I need to transcribe it.

Hugh Barnett’s will:  Person County Septemr ? 1797, The Execution of this Will was duly provd, open Court and Ordered to be Recorded

Recorded in Book B page 20, 21 & 23 Test Jesse Dickins Clk

Ancestry: Caswell: Marriage Bonds (1780 – 1884)

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