Ida Elizabeth Philmon

Ida Elizabeth Philmon, was born on 28 June 1879 in Marshallville, Macon Co., GA, to Grandison (Grants) and Mattie Ulm Philmon. I thought it was interesting that the news headlines in 1879 included the first successful test of the incandescent light bulb by Edison, the first Woolworth 5 cent store and the first cash register.

Tragedy struck the family with the deaths of both parents in 1883. According to Shellie Philmon, in a letter dated 23 January 1969, Ida and Minnie lived with Julius & Lizzie Philmon. They grew up as brother and sisters.

According to the Butler Herald (Published in Taylor Co., GA), Tuesday, Dec 12, 1899,

“At the home of the bride’s uncle, Mr. J.A. Philmon, were united in marriage Mr. Barney Kirksey to Miss ida Philmon on Sunday last. Both parties are of Panhandle district and have a host of friends who wish for them a useful and happy life.”

1899 Ida in the striped dress withe the family of Julius and Lizzie Philmon. The young man in the suit is Shellie Philmon. This photo was taken just before she was married to Barney Kirksey.

She and Barney had 5 children, Robert Barnes, Nora, Claude, Horace Lee (Dick), and Helen. Life wasn’t easy though. Their oldest son was born deaf. She enjoyed quilting and talking about the history of the family. That must be a Philmon trait. I have met a number of Philmons who enjoy genealogy.

Here is a photo of the quilt she made. My mother would point to a square and tell me that she had a dress like one of the squares.

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