Sarah Kirksey Griffin

Sarah was probably born around 1744. The consensus of the many researchers is that she is the daughter of Edward Kirksey. She married William Griffin around 1767 in Chatham County, NC. She and William had the following children: John, Rebeccah (married Joel Brazeal), Rosanna (Rosey) (married Michael Blocker),  and Haskey (married David Kennon Breazeale), William, and Henry. Who did the sons marry?

On the 19th Day of January 1770, William and Sarah deeded John Griffin 100 acres of property in Orange County (Book a pg 26 and 27). On the 19th Day of January 1772, William and Sarah sold 260 acres to Christopher Kirksey (Book A pg 33 and 34)

Sarah died in Chatham County probably by 1779 as she did not sign the deed transferring property to Joel Brezeale. (Book B pg 153)

He remarried Elizabeth Stroud around 1779-1784 in North Carolina.  They had two children Oswald and Sargent.  Like her brothers, Christopher and Isaac, Sarah’s husband William migrated to Pendleton District SC. Families moved together.

William Griffin signed his will on 5 October 1800 and it was probated on the 14th of October.

In 1800, the heirs of Sarah are listed as legatees in the power of attorney filed in Chatham County. You can read the document in this post about Rebecca Rickman.

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