We’re Still Zooming

Meetings are scheduled but they are generally not in person. I’ve only attended one in-person meeting since February, an annual meeting, which included a short tour of the sheriff’s museum. There were only 18 people in attendance. The running comment is, “Who is that masked person?” The other meetings, regular membership meetings and board meetings, are done online. At least we can keep in touch with friends to provide moral support and/or conduct an organization’s business.

There have been suggestions to document our lives during this pandemic and quarantine. This has been difficult. But as I watch the news or read articles, it breaks my heart to see so many businesses close. Many stores were already in trouble before the pandemic. People have taken to buying stuff online and the quarantine has reinforced the new idea. Technology sure has taken off as people are working from home and conducting meetings. I do not order that much on line. Some of my friends have taken that route – they order everything. I still like to look at merchandise and see what is being featured.

About ordering on line. I have always enjoyed looking through catalogs. Sometimes that is the only place you might find that unusual gift or item. Just think, if Sears or Penneys had converted their wonderful catalogs to online shopping, they could have been huge.

I still like browsing and today I saw a decorative plate that says, “Without Music, Life Would Be Flat.” The note reminded me of my music teacher Miss Abrams from long ago who said, “Always B Sharp; Never B Flat.” Great words to live by.

Who would have thought something like this would happen in 2020.

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