Where were you when the lights went out?

Genealogist, Thomas MacEntee, sent out an email with this headline. It brought back quite a memory for me. On Nov. 9, 1965, my best friend (and she still is), Gerry and I headed to Manhattan to the art museum. I had a paper to do for art class. The trip from our home in Far Rockaway to the museum was an almost two hour subway train ride. We did OK getting there but half way home, the power went out. It was rush hour. The train was packed. Even if you fainted you would not have hit the floor that is how crowded the train was. It was standing room only.

So, we’re in the dark, on a crowded train, no idea what happened. Finally after five hours or so, they finally led us off the train onto the tracks and into a community we were totally unfamiliar with at 10pm. Fortunately, someone who we had never met from Far Rockaway made it to a telephone booth (remember those?) and called home and made arrangements for someone to pick her up. She offered us a ride. That’s what we were doing when the lights went out.

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