Beginnings – Edward Kirksey – North Carolina

My surname of interest is Kirksey. We have a one name study and over a hundred members at one time or another we were sharing information. We were trying to piece together the beginnings of the Kirksey family in America and connect all the loose leaves of the family to the tree.

Edward Kirksey first shows up in 1750 in Bladen County. He applied for a survey for a 300 acre land grant. In 1752, Orange County was carved from Bladen County. In 1755 he appears on a list of tithables in Orange County with two males. Then in 1770, Chatham County was created from Orange County. Edward kept a low profile. His next and final act was to sell the 300 acres to Isaac Kirksey. The deed does not state that Isaac is his son and no wife’s acknowledgement of her dower rights appears in the document. This would indicate that he was a widower.

Living in Chatham County are Christopher, Gideon Kirksey and Isaac Kirksey and their families. There is said to be a daughter Sarah who was married to William Griffin. Here again, we have found no records indicating relationships. The early researchers believed that Edward and Rebecca were the parents of Christopher, Gideon, Isaac, and Sarah. No proof was cited. The only record we have that ties them together is the power of attorney described below.

Long time ago, in correspondence with researchers, the story was related that Edward was married to Rebecca Rickman who was said to be the daughter of Thomas Rickman. The will of Thomas was described in a post about Rebecca Rickman. The wording in Thomas’ will says his children are Christopher, Gideon, Isaac, Sarah, and Rebecca. (No last names were given, everyone else in the will had a last name. What does this mean?). Many of these early researchers said Rebecca was the mother of the four children. The 1800 power of attorney in Chatham Co. adds confusion to this story.

More information on these families can be found here:
Kirksey information page

The following is a transcript of the above Power of Attorney dated 1800 recorded in Chatham Co, NC.

Gideon Kirksey legatee of Rebeccah Richman [Rick]man alias Kirksey, Edward, John, Sarah and Isaac Kirksey heirs of Isaac Kirksey (dec’d) and his wife Mary, and John Griffin, Poel Breazeal and his wife Rebeccah, Michael Blocker and his wife Rossey, Kennon Breazeal and Hasky his wife, heirs of William Griffin and his wife Sarah (dec’d) appointed their trusty friend Christopher Kirksey attorney to collect and receive their claims against the estate of Rebeccah Rickman alias Kirksey (dec’d). Witnessed by William Kirksey, Drewry Hearn, and Benjamin Clement.

About that List of Tithables, it looks a little like David but it is Edward.

Link to Rebecca’s post

So, who is this man and what is the rest of his story?

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