Barnet Lee Kirksey

Barnet Kirksey better know as Barney was a farmer in Taylor County, Georgia. He is listed in the Bible as Barnet but someone changed it to Barney. He was born 16 January 1876 to Andrew Jackson Kirksey, known as Grandpa Jack, and his second wife, Sarah Elizabeth Dickson Griffith, known as Grandma Betty. Barney married Ida Philmon on 10 December 1899. They had five children Robert Barnes, Claude Jackson, Nora Elizabeth, Horace Lee better known as Dick, and Helen Gray. Their first son, Robert Barnes was born deaf and that must have been devestating to this young couple.

name change in the Bible Record

Barney never purchased his farm but worked on a farm owned by G.C. Smith. My mother, Helen, told me that he was educated but did not like to read. When I found his draft registration card, I found out why. It mentions that one eye was out but my mother never mentioned he was blind or missing an eye so she must never have known. Also, it was amazng that I found his record in the draft registrations because he is not indexed on ancestry. I scrolled through the records with the surname and there he was. So always look through records if your ancestor doesn’t show up in the index.

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

The photo below was taken in 1942 – Ida, Helen, and Barney.

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