More on the Early Kirksey Family-A Brick Wall

These early Kirkseys are very perplexing. The first mention of the family I am researching was in 1750 in Bladen Co., NC. Edward requested a survey be made of a piece of property containing 300 acres and the identifying description was “Cherry Old Field.” In 1755 the deed was recorded and at that time he appeared on a tax list with two males. In 1768 he sold the property to Isaac Kirksey. The property was now in Chatham Co. NC as the county line had changed from Bladen to Orange to Chatham. There was no acknowledgement of a dower’s right. He disappears from the scene.

There is Christopher, Gideon, Isaac, and Elijah.

Christopher was born around 1734 and his children were born between 1771-1790.

Gideon was born between 1731 and 1734.

Isaac who died in 1778 had two sons and one daughter and one son on the way. Their ages ranged between 1770 and after 1778.

Elijah, he lived in Iredell Co. NC. It seems he was born around 1765 and was married to Prudence McGregor. He died in 1822 and there is an estate document in Chatham Co. NC. Mathew was the administrator and a George was mentioned in the probate papers.

Do we know exactly who these Kirkseys are on the 1790 census?I feel confident about Gideon, Isaac and Christopher.  Is William Gideon’s son?  and is James, the Isaac who died in 1806?  His estate didn’t reflect a family so who are the males and female shown on the census form?  Christopher’s family shows 8 males and 5 females, therefore, perhaps 7 sons and 4 daughters.  Who I have are E. William, Jehu, Christopher, Elisha, Isaiah Mark.  E. William’s children were born after 1790.   Is it possible that Elijah who married Prudence is the son of Christopher?   Is the Christopher who died in1800 in Edgefield the son of Elijah?   

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