World War II Letters

I haven’t written much lately. The pandemic and my knee surgery zapped my energy. But one thing I have been doing is scanning my father’s letters to my mother during World War II. Dad was drafted in 1942 and was stationed in Georgia then he moved on to Washington DC. Mom was working for the War Department and then ended up in Washington DC as well. They didn’t know each other long when they were married in DC. Dad shipped out shortly after and didn’t return until January 1946. So far, 200 letters have been scanned. This doesn’t include the V-Mail that was sent.

The scanning has been slow. Sometimes I read the letters and sometimes I don’t. Dad served in North Africa in the 2nd Armored Division and then moved on to England, Belgium, France, and I think he may have made a stop in Holland based on a souvenir he sent home. Dad included photos, souvenir post cards, money from a country and he tried to make the stories interesting but it couldn’t have been easy. Letters were read by an officer who made sure no details were passed on to friend or foe. One letter was written on USO letterhead and the logo included “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have the letters Mom wrote to Dad. If I had had the opportunity to read the letters many years ago, I could have asked some questions. I am very glad she saved them.

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