I’m into recycling – sorting stuff, saving wraps for young people and not so young people who need 500 lbs. for a bench, and knowing what to throw out. But my recycling interest started when I was a kid.

Recycling was a way of life when I was a kid. My parents grew up during the depression. They didn’t throw out anything because it might be needed. We talk about upcycling today, but that was recycling back in the day. Did you ever watch the show, McGyver? He could make a paper clip do extraordinary things. That is why you saved stuff that might be useful. But there came a time when it was wise to declutter. My mother would pack our red wagon with newspaper and fabric (she was a seamstress). We would then walk to the junk man. He would weigh the wagon fully loaded and then weigh it empty and pay us for the paper and fabric.

Kids were looking to earn a few cents too. The way we did that was to pick up soda bottles that had been discarded along the street. When you bought bottles of soda you were required to make a depost on each bottle. We would then take those bottles to the little grocery store in our neighborhood or the supermarket and turn them in and we would get the deposit. We could either save the money or buy cupcakes or other snacks.

Recycling is ingrained in my nature.

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